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Frequently asked questions.

  • What is included in the price?
    * All utilities * Regular maintenance services * Cable TV, Internet services and Telephone (includes unlimited long distance calls anywhere in Canada and the United States). * Plus much more!
  • Are we able to access other services?

    Of course! Stop by the Bistro for a quick sandwich and coffee. Choose to have lunch, dinner or both with us on a daily basis! Take advantage of weekly housekeeping service, the emergency response system, medication administration or any specific care services you may need. Our structure is designed to be as flexible and unique as you are!

    Reserved underground parking and storage lockers can also be purchased for additional fees.

  • Are we able to access Harmony Square?


    Residents of the Independent Living Suites can choose to be as independent as they wish while still having the opportunity to access Harmony Square and all of the amenities it offers.
    * Swimming pool
    * Fitness center
    * Library
    * Theatre and Entertainment
    * Tuck Shop for the smaller necessities
    * Mail Boxes and our friendly and helpful Concierge
    * Bistro
    * Dining Room and Private Family Dining Room for special occassions
    * We-Fix-U Physiotherapy Clinic

  • Will I be able to bring my pet to live with me at Harmony Hill?

    We understand that pets are beloved members of your family, and we are happy to welcome them to Harmony Hill. We do expect that you will take full responsibility for your pet, feeding, caring and walking them as required. Please ask about our pet policy before bringing your pet to live with you in your new home.

  • Is the building secure?

    All exterior doors are secured at night and you will have your own personal key to come and go as you please. We have a minimum of two team members in the building overnight.

  • What happens if my care needs change?

    We recognize that needs may change from time to time. Provided our professional staff can safely care for you, our Director of Care and care team will be pleased to prepare a customized care plan designed to meet your needs. Care can be provided for a fee in the Grove suites or you can choose to move to the Full Service suites (Orchard Building) where some services are included in the monthly fee.

  • What if I need emergency assistance?

    There is professional staff in the Orchard building 24 hours a day. For a monthly fee, we can provide you with an emergency response pendant and you need only to push the button on your pendant to access our care team

  • Do I have to sign a lease?

    We are licensed under the Retirement Home Authority and are required to have all residents sign a Financial Agreement in order to ensure everyone is aware of their rights and the standards of Harmony Hill Retirement Community. At the time of signing, charges for all services will be explained and provided in writing so you are well informed. As set out in the Financial Agreement, you are required to provide thirty days notice if you wish to leave Harmony Hill for any reason.


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