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A young company with depth of experience, LEV Senior Living has been in operation for 10 years in Southern Ontario. We’ve achieved a lot, and learned even more. Our team members’ expertise is so diverse, the needs of our residents so unique, we’ve created an experience that revolves solely around the individual.

We’ve taken care to ensure each community captures the essence and energy of its city, which is why we plan to grow slowly. We believe that small, intentional growth is how we continue to offer the highest quality of lifestyle and customer service.

The LEV Experience Is Defined By:


Show each individual a commitment to their wellbeing – both mentally and physically. We establish acceptance, belonging, connection, unity in diversity, responsibility and empowerment in all things. By considering the individual, we strengthen our communities and, in turn, the vital networks of families and loved ones outside our communities.


Our residents are confident knowing that they can live the life they want, making the choices they want. Through our dedication and consummate service, we offer a level of independence that helps people flourish, helping when we’re needed and facilitating community interests.


LEV Senior Living offers residents many amenities and resources to look forward to, but it’s our community, our people, that really make us stand out. We offer residents the opportunity to become part of a passionate and caring group who are all focused on leading and encouraging an active, sociable lifestyle.


Making the decision to leave home can be a difficult choice for our residents and their families. They want to know that they’re making this big life step with someone they can trust. At LEV Senior Living, our capabilities and our experience mean we are uniquely skilled to provide exceptional services to our residents.

A Sense of Home
A Sense of Home

There is an aura of comfort that comes when you enter your home. At LEV Senior Living, our residents are treated to an experience that truly establishes and encourages belonging, independence and happiness. We work hard to provide residents with these basic needs every day; because it is imperative that they know when they’re here, they’re home.

Levels of Care

You have the freedom to choose. To define your life in your own way. To have services and amenities that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. The ultimate lifestyle, the moment you choose.

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